British PM Falsely Claims Putin Dropped Support of Syria’s Assad

PM David Cameron claimed Moscow was ready to talk about a transition of power in Syria, which was later denied by Putin

Britain’s prime minister said on Tuesday Russian President Vladimir Putin has made it clear at the G20 summit in Mexico that he wants Syrian President Bashar al-Assad out of power, but Putin followed up basically denying the claims.

There has been an extended effort on the part of the US and European powers to pressure Moscow to drop its support of the Assad regime. Syria acts as a economic and military client to the Russians and provides Moscow with valuable geopolitical influence in the Middle East.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Putin had essentially abandoned the longstanding support for Assad after talks with President Barack Obama and other world leaders at the Group of 20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico, and that discussions were now focused on a transition of power in Syria.

“There remain differences over sequencing and the shape of how the transition takes place but it is welcome that President Putin has been explicit that he does not want Assad remaining in charge in Syria,” Cameron told reporters.

“What we need next is an agreement on a transitional leadership which can move Syria to a democratic future that protects the rights of all its communities,” Cameron added.

But Putin denied these claims, saying at his own news conference that, “I feel like I have to repeat our position. We believe that nobody has the right to decide for other nations who should be brought to power, who should be removed from power.”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Labrov as well said Cameron’s statement that Putin does not want Assad to remain in power “does not correspond to reality.”

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  • mojo

    Same shiiiiite different name, like Hitler with the first name David, these people will sale their mother and lie about everything to see that turmoil in Syria would end in more bloodshed then these people can carry to make blood sausage inviting their kind for diner.

  • John Ellis

    Run for daylight

    We anti-war people are most critical of mainstream media reports such as this one where Putin is described as knifing his long time friend Assad in the back. So we instantly reflect on facts that might prove it to be fiction, whereas pro-war people reflect on fiction that might prove it to be fact.

    And that is why those who love the truth run for daylight, whereas those locked in darkness never come out of darkness.

  • Jaime

    I love when the Ruskies tell the West to STFU.

  • MvGuy

    WE will never find out how this misunderstanding occurred….or was it some delusion…….. Maybe a bold attempt to sew division………..

  • MvGuy

    Don't forget CHINA….

  • Ben_C

    No Mr. David Cameron: you, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, etc… do NOT speak for the will of the "Syrian People". I would think this would be obvious…

    No Mr. Cameron: just because you don't like Assad, that doesn't automatically mean the "Syrian people" as an aggregate (at least a majority of those who would show up and actually 'vote' in an "election" ['if' a 'majority' is even required to 'win']) agree with your views. This too seems obvious….

    Mr. Cameron: would you even shut up about ‘intervention’ and formally acknowledge Assad to be the legitimate Head of State in Syria if he wins an "election"? Would Barack and Hillary be satisfied if Assad wins an "election"? I seriously doubt it for several reasons–one obviously being: doing so after all these "demands to step down" would reveal you as a complete ass–someone who lives in a world of fantasy and delusion. Perhaps you should "step down" the next time there are violent protests in the streets of the UK, as there were recently, and Iranian officials demand your resignation as PM…that is, if you want to remain consistent.

    Obviously even ‘if’ Assad were to win an election in Syria (I believe there is some sort of tentative proposal by the Assad regime for future presidential elections in Syria anyway)—wins 'fair and square'—I'm almost certain you, Barack, Hillary, et. al would proceed to allege: "vote tampering", "voting irregularities", "voter fraud", etc….

    What you’re proposing, Mr. Cameron, is not “democracy”, it is your will. Any fool understands this…