West Scorns UN Call to Work With Iran on Syria Crisis

British Officials Blast Iran for Syrian Violence

UN Special Envoy Kofi Annan’s calls for the international community to unite to salvage the ceasefire have been met with angry condemnations from the US, Britain and France on the grounds that the call for “all nations” to be involved included Iran.

Iran is a country which is supporting some of the unacceptable violence and supporting the Syrian regime,” insisted a British Foreign Office official, while others insisted that any plan that didn’t involve the ouster of Assad was doomed to failure.

The US “plan” which imposed major new sanctions and demanded Assad’s ouster seems dead on arrival as well, with Russia saying that it won’t support any plan that mandates regime change and the installation of the rebels.

Russia has insisted that they are fine with a transition plan, but only if it is supported by the Syrian people, and has promised to continue to resist any efforts to impose a specific plan on Syria by the international community.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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