Iraq Still Operating Torture Prison ‘Camp Honor’

Justice Ministry Officials Confirm Prisoners Still Being Sent to Notorious Site

Infamous Iraqi torture site Camp Honor remains open and detainees are still being sent to the facility, according to two officials with the Iraqi Justice Ministry who came forward with the information to Human Rights Watch.

The use of the facility, inside Baghdad’s Green Zone, continues in spite of official orders from the Justice Ministry to close the site. It has been operating both as a place to torture detainees and to hold them outside of the oversight of the already questionable Iraqi legal system.

Most of the detainees at the secret prison were said to be political detainees, Sunnis who were tied in some way with the Ba’ath Party or people who have participated in anti-government protests.

The Iraqi Human Rights Ministry denied the charges, saying that the claim was “politically motivated” and that the facility was closed at the start of 2011, despite repeated reports from officials since then of its continued use.

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