AP Finds Someone to Draw ‘Evidence’ Against Iran

Crude Drawing 'Proves' Something, Officials Say

The constant flurry of allegations about Iran’s putative nuclear weapons always runs into a wall when the hawks pushing the case for war are asked to prove it. Today, the Associated Press and the redoubtable George Jahn had somebody get out a sketchpad and draw us up some “evidence.

So all news today on Iran focuses on a drawing, provided by an unknown person who had talked to someone who had totally seen something inside Iran’s Parchin military base. The drawing, computer aided in its design but far from photo-realistic, is of an explosives containment chamber.

It’s the sort of drawing one could come up with by doing a simple Google search and looking at photographs of actual, real explosives containment chambers. The drawing shows a cylinder and a cube with a yellow pipe attached to it.

It seems as though we’re talking about someone’s art school project, but an unnamed official from the unnamed country that provided the drawing said it “proves the structure exists.” The same apparently cannot be said of Superman or Batman, despite a plethora of much more detailed drawings of the two.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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