Rebels Kill Over 20 in Syria Attacks

Suicide Bombing Targets Police Patrol in Idlib

Over 20 people were killed today, including a number of Syrian police and security forces, and an estimated 100 others were wounded in attacks across the nation, carried out by an as-yet unidentified rebel group.

The deadliest attack hit Idlib Province, where a suicide bombing of a security headquarters killed nine people and wounded scores of civilians in the surrounding area.

Another attack targeted the Syrian Central Bank in Damascus, with attackers firing rocket-propelled grenades at the building and a nearby police patrol. The building was damaged and four members of the patrol were wounded.

Other attacks targeted security forces around Damascus suburbs and elsewhere in the country. So far no group has claimed credit for today’s attack, but an Islamist group called the al-Nusra Front claimed Friday’s suicide attack on the area around on a Damascus mosque.

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