Libyan Interior Ministry Claims 70,000 Fighters ‘Absorbed’

Rebel Factions Theoretically Under Direct Ministerial Control

A new statement from Libya’s National Transitional Council’s (NTC) Interior Minister claims that the ministry has successfully “absorbed” some 70,000 of the fighters from the last civil war.

This puts the 70,000 theoretically under direct ministerial control, and leaves the NTC responsible for paying them salaries. Officials are presenting this as a move toward law and order in the nation.

In reality, however, the 70,000 is just a drop in the bucket for a nation with myriad factions nominally allied with the NTC but vigorously fighting one another, let alone the growing number of factions that see the post-war NTC absorbing too many Gadhafi remnants and want nothing more to do with them.

Having played a major role in installing the NTC as the de facto government in Libya, many in NATO see themselves on the hook to support the new regime, and this will likely mean much of the “salaries” for these fighters will be foreign aid. Whether these salaries can buy loyalty for the NTC, let alone enough allies to impose calm on the war torn nation, remains to be seen.

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  • tomofsnj

    The stupidity of the invasion and murders done by NATO is amazing. Libya is a clear case of why the world would be better off without NATO. Lets hope with the soon departure of the warmonger leader of France will start the march to get rid of NATO. NATO really has no reason to exist and if someone missed the fact that Libya is not close to northern europe which is NATO responsibility. BTW NATO really is just the old colonial power. George Bush noticed how easy it was to get a military conflict via NATO versus getting it via the United Nations. NATO is a war mongers wet dream. THe military record of NATO is not very impressive. Lots of air power followed by political failures and really stupid policies. Regime change is a wonder concept but without plans on who is going to be the new regime useless.

  • MvGuy

    The OTHER great advantage to NATO….. All the U.S.taxpayer money that NATO gets, is "off budget" (as in) congress DOES NOT get to vote on it.. It gets paid "automatically"… It's a"treaty obligation" so it's all but secret… buried in NATO book keeping…. the New Welfare…. Dress the bums in uniform, send them out to ride around in trucks… Its an exercise…. Send the bill to NATO… Everyone wants IN to the free $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • ML3

    Civil War ad nauseum? Check.
    Oil flowing and the spoils going to the victor (instigators)? Check.
    It was predicted. Terror rules, but at least the majority of Libyans GOT WHAT THEY WANTED, RIGHT???

  • pendulum

    absorbed into the dirt