NATO Talks Major US Offensive in Afghan Capital

Publicly Cheering About War, But Privately Officials Concerned About Dwindling Security

In public, NATO officials are not only satisfied with the 11th year of progress of the Afghan War; they’re downright thrilled. Gen. John Allen reiterated today that he is “enormously proud” of how the Afghan military reacted to an entirely unpredicted┬ácity-wide attack on Kabul, which led to 18 hours of gunfire targeting every major site in the city.

Privately, however, the subject of the upcoming “jumbo meeting” of NATO foreign and defense ministers is expected to center around the ever-worsening security conditions nationwide and the inability to predict even major coordinated attacks.

Even the public claims of “no strategy changes” don’t seem to be holding up, as the US is reportedly preparing to launch a massive offensive against Kabul, apparently aimed at “shoring up the defenses” in the city.

This latest spring offensive follows in the old formula for the war, with major offensives announced to target whichever part of the country is currently the most under siege. That more than ten years of activity haven’t secured any of the other targets in a meaningful way appears lost on them.

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