Netanyahu Condemns P5+1 Talks With Iran

Officials Term Talks 'Positive'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu angrily condemned the P5+1 talks with Iran today, saying that the decision to hold a second round of talks next month amounted to a “gift” to Iran and allowed it to continue civilian enrichment unimpeded.

Netanyahu went on to say that the West should demand Iran stop all enrichment and turn over all its uranium, as well as promising to immediately dismantle the Qom facility.

Western officials praised the talks as “constructive,” and a second round will be held in late May in Baghdad. Iranian officials say that some “common ground” was being developed between the two.

Obama downplayed the seriousness of the talks, saying that the US wasn’t really giving Iran any leeway, and went on to promise yet more sanctions against Iran in the near future.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of