South Libya Ceasefire Holding, 147 Confirmed Dead

Nearly 400 Others Wounded According to Health Ministry

The latest of several ceasefires in the Southern Libyan region around Sabha appears to be holding today, capping a week of ugly tribal violence in the city that had tribesmen threatening secession.

The Libyan Health Ministry has put the confirmed death toll at 147, though other reports have put the toll somewhat higher and it is likely to continue to rise. Nearly 400 were also reported wounded in the fighting.

The fighting was chiefly between the Tabu tribe and Arab militias from the city, and started after a Tabu tribesman killed an Abu Seif tribesman in a dispute over a car.

This was just one front in the Tabu fighting in the far south, and had the tribal leadership claiming an Arab campaign of “ethnic cleansing” and calling for European Union intervention to carve out an independent Tabu homeland.

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