33 Killed as Violence Continues Across Syria

Rebels Attack Syrian Air Force Base, Troops Shell Homs

Reports from opposition groups say that at least 33 people were killed nationwide in Syria today, another day of heavy violence as Kofi Annan urges both sides to halt attacks and agree to start negotiations.

“The deadline is now,” noted one of Annan’s spokesman, saying that the Assad regime has agreed to negotiate but has so far not ended its hostilities on the ground. Indeed, rebels claimed that troops shelled Homs today, killing four.

But the rebels haven’t halted their attacks either, and attacked an Air Force base in Arbeen. President Bashar Assad made it clear yesterday that his forces would only halt their attacks when the rebels do.

That seems unlikely to happen any time soon, since the rebel factions haven’t even agreed to participate in the talks, and some have rejected the idea of talking on general principle, insisting that a military victory, presumably with a foreign invasion force backing them, is their “only” solution to the civil war.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.