Yemen: US Drone Strikes Killed at Least 64

Yemen: US Drone Strikes Killed at Least 64 | Yemen says no advanced notice of attacks

The Yemeni government continues to rewrite the story of the air strikes of the past several days, and is now saying they were conducted entirely by US drones, and that the US never gave them any notice of the strikes.

The strikes, which the Yemeni government says killed at least 64 people, centered around the Abyan Province, but also hit the Bayda Province. Officials termed everyone killed an “insurgent.”

The US has declined to comment on any of the strikes, and has been largely silent on Yemen since early this month when they confirmed that US ground troops were attacked in Aden, an odd confirmation since the US had never announced sending ground troops to Yemen.

So far Yemen’s government has purely provided informational statements, and while they contradict one another significantly it doesn’t seem that there’s any official anger at the attacks, meaning only human rights groups are criticizing the US.

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  • Walter Cole

    The US is very, very effective in creating new enemies for our children to deal with.

  • Nathan

    Can anyone please say how many drones does it take to kill 64? Looks like there must be more than one drone, or else one drone with many sorties.

  • DAnna Sviridova

    First they had imaginary friends. Then came the imaginary enemies.

    Now they pretend to desire to export democracy. How can that be as the prez (with the help of most of congress) have decided that Americans can be remover from the homeland battlefield and be held indefinitely without charges.

    We no longer have democracy here and therefore there is no democracy left to spread around the rest of the world.