Red Cross Aid Reaches Syrian Refugees Outside of Homs

2,000 Syrians Reportedly Fled to Lebanon

The aftermath of nearly a month-long fight over the Baba Amro district of the Syrian city of Homs continues to unfold today, as the Red Cross says it has delivered large amounts of aid to the village of Abel, where a number of refugees from the fighting have taken up temporary residence.

The Red Cross did, however, say that they were prevented from taking aid into Baba Amro again. There was no explanation given as to the delay, but the spokesman of their Damascus office said that they expect to “try again tomorrow.”

Not all those who fled the civil war went to Abel. The United Nations refugee agency reports that up to 2,000 Syrians have fled into Lebanon, many of them from the rebel held town of Qusar.

Violence appears to have ebbed somewhat over the past few days, with the rebels announcing that they are in the midst of a severe ammunition shortage. The only site of major fighting in the past few days has been Daraa Province, along the Jordanian border.

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