Syrian National Council Demands Foreign Invasion

Insists Invasion 'The Only Solution'

The ongoing civil war in Syria is becoming an increasing humanitarian crisis for the civilians caught in the middle of the battle. The Red Cross is pushing for a ceasefire to allow the flow of aid, but the Western-backed Syrian National Council (SNC) is looking for an escalation.

Talking about the “humanitarian emergency,” top SNC official Bassma Kodmani called for an immediate international invasion, saying that was the only way to avoid a “protracted civil war.”

The violence in Syria is increasingly in the northern region around the Turkish border. Today, amid reports of ongoing battles, some 200 soldiers loyal to the Assad regime defected to the rebellion, including an as-yet-unnamed Brigadier General.

Russia is endorsing the Red Cross effort to bring humanitarian aid into the areas, saying that it would support the call for a daily two-hour truce to allow medical personnel access to the most affected areas.

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