Afghan Govt: NATO Had ‘Bad Information’ on Air Strike that Killed Kids

Informant Tricked French Troops in Kapisa

The Wednesday night NATO air strike against the Kapisa Province that killed eight children was the result of an informant spreading false information, according to Afghan government officials familiar with the situation.

The informant apparently told French troops in the area that the eight children, who were herding sheep outside of the village of Geyaba, were “armed men preparing to attack the village.” The French apparently took the allegation as proof positive and ordered the attack.

The French military has so far refused comment on the killings, and NATO has not confirmed the nationality of the warplane that launched the attack. NATO has only said it was “aware” of the killings.

Kapisa’s governor’s office says that the strikes didn’t even target an area where the Taliban is rumored to be operating, and that the worst problem that district has had is arms smuggling. That and, of course, air strikes.

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