Russia Rejects Watered-Down Syria Resolution

New Resolution Answers Some, But Not All, Concerns

Russian officials protest that the new watered-down UN Security Council resolution on Syria is still not acceptable, saying it has answered “some” of the concerns but not all of them, and leaving open the possibility of a veto.

The new resolution saw a number of significant changes, including an explicit clause rejecting the “use of force or the threat of force” by the international community and calling for a resolution “without foreign military intervention.”

Russia had expressed concern that the original version of the resolution, which included vague references to “consequences,” would leave open the door for NATO to launch another Libya-style war of regime change claiming UN imprimatur.

The exact problems with the new resolution aren’t entirely clear, but reportedly the language affirming that all members of the Security Council “fully support” the Arab League’s plan is one sticking point, with Russia saying it does not want the resolution to “predetermine” the outcome of any internal negotiations on a settlement.

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