Syrian Opposition: Tanks Encircle Contested Town on Lebanon Border

As Civil War Simmers, Zabadani Looks to Be a Battlezone

Opposition activists familiar with the situation reportedly say that Syrian government forces are encircling the rebel-held town of Zabadani near the Lebanese border. Many expect that the town will once again see battle soon.

“Troops backed by dozens of tanks have started to encircle Zabadani in a move aimed at storming the area,” insisted one activist. The town was the site of a week-long siege last month, which ended with a negotiated truce and the retreat of the Syrian military.

The deal left the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in de facto control of the town but included a call for them not to march through the streets. It appears they have been marching, and the fighting elsewhere in the country between FSA and government forces leaves little chance of even local truces holding.

Zabadani’s proximity to the Lebanese border makes it key for the FSA, as some 500 FSA defectors are reportedly inside Northern Lebanon and working as support for FSA fighters inside Syria.

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