Pakistan Army Rejects US Report on November Killings

Formal Rejection of Claim November 26 Attack Was 'Self-Defense'

The Pakistani Army today finally offered its formal rejection of the US military report claiming the November 26 US attack on a pair of Pakistani military bases, which killed 24 soldiers, was “self-defense.”

Unsurprisingly, the army rejected the US’s attempt to blame Pakistan. In its own report, the Pakistani Army said its firing from the attacked base targeted militants inside Pakistani territory, and not US troops inside Afghanistan as the Pentagon has claimed.

The US said the attack was “self-defense” and that the killings of the Pakistani soldiers were “justified,” blaming the Pakistani government for “poor communication” after the multi-hour US attack.

Pakistan’s military has insisted it was in contact with NATO within minutes of the attack’s start and that NATO was already apologizing for the attack while US bombs continued to fall.

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