Israeli Military Prepares for Massive Gaza Invasion ‘Within Months’

Israeli Military Prepares for Massive Gaza Invasion ‘Within Months’ | Military eyes ‘similar model’ to 2008 invasion

The Jerusalem Post reports today that Israel’s military has ordered its Southern Command to prepare for a “large scale” invasion of the Gaza Strip, likely to begin within the next few months.

The revelation is hardly a surprise, as Israeli Military Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz has repeatedly pressed for an invasion of the Gaza Strip over the past few months, while trumpeting the late 2008 invasion as a “great success.

Officials today indicated that the next invasion would be very much on the same model as 2008, which saw massive Palestinian civilian casualties and destruction of considerable civilian infrastructure, much of which remains unrepaired as an Israeli blockade has prevented construction materials from being imported.

Israeli officials cited “increased weaponry” in the Gaza Strip as the reason for the upcoming invasion, particularly anti-tank weapons. Other than getting some of their tanks blown up, it isn’t clear why they consider this a good reason to invade, as weapons have been flooding much of the region since the Libyan regime fell and their weapons warehouses were looted.

The exact timing of the invasion will also be tricky, as Israel will of course rely on the US to run interference in the UN when the ugliest aspects of the war begin to trickle out. The last invasion came after the 2008 US Presidential election but was virtually wrapped up before President Obama took office. It may be that Israel will try a similar strategy of starting the war after the vote in an effort to keep it from being a political issue in the US.

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  • Walter Cole

    Israel "prepares" for the invasion of Gaza? Why is so much preparation required? The Arabs in Gaza are fighting with handguns, don´t they remember?

    For some reason I get the idea that these bullying threats are for the rest of the world, and have nothing whatsoever to do with planning anything.

  • John_Muhammad

    And the 9,000 US troops on the ground in Israel? They've just been effectively made to be 'human shields' to prevent Gaza from firing on Israel for fear of hitting US forces.

    The question is: why the invasion, and why now? Are they trying to goad Hamas into defending Gaza, thereby breaking their transition to a peaceful organization? (Jewish offical: SEE!! WE TOLD YOU SO!! EVILLLLLL!!!)

    • Steve

      Are those US troops still heading to Israel? I thought that was canceled?

      • paulBass

        as far im aware they have been there for some time now some with the xband radar, and very much like the real thing these military exercised are slow and expensive so they would take months of work setting up, so if it was going to be anytime soon then there were probably a sizable amounts of us military personnel there for months.

    • pendulum

      perhaps it is a bit of USO entertainment for the brave and free

  • Andy

    Israel should think again about attacking Gaza. I can't see the world standing by this time, even with the US influence at the UN. Egypt is no longer run by a US puppet, it might decide to join in. Turkey isn't exactly in love with Isreal either, then, there's Hezbollah.

    • DJT

      The world need to stop this evil.

  • Ginger

    Unfortunately, the only political issue would be which candidate was more supportive of the invasion. I bet they do it before the election for that reason.

  • tomofsnj

    Why would there be a need to invade? Did not the US congress just provide $285,000,000 for a rocket intercept system A system refused by Israel when Israel had to pay for the system but acceptable as long as the work was done in Israel and paid by the US Taxpayers.
    It is time to tell Israel to stop attacking the defenseless old woman and children of Gaza and Lebanon.

    What is really amazing is according to US and Israel official reports over 1/2 the jewish population of Israel has not even been in Israel for over a year. It would appear that it might be a homeland for the jews but a desirable place to live to many. That might be because so many have no connection to the middle east.

    • paulBass

      "The Iron Dome counter-rocket defense system has succeeded in intercepting rockets from Gaza 75 percent of the time it fired interceptors at incoming enemy projectiles"

      "The system usually fires two interceptors at each incoming missile."

      "for example, the Iron Dome succeeded in intercepting eight of 10 rockets; in August 22 of 28,"

      so that mean instead of 28 rockets/missiles exploding somewhere, there are 84 missiles exploding somewhere


      "Meanwhile Thursday, a disaster was averted when 20 Iron Dome interceptors fell several meters off of the back of a truck. The accident occurred after the missiles were improperly secured while being loaded onto a truck for maintenance, the IDF said.
      A number of soldiers and officers were nearby, but no one was injured. The rockets are built with a safety mechanism to ensure they only explode when fired from a launcher.
      The missiles were damaged and will be removed from operational service.
      Each interceptor costs around $50,000 and usually two are fired at rockets slated for interception, putting the loss at roughly $1 million.

  • Larry

    One must hope that Egypt will intervene, and stop the Israeli terror machine. This country needs to be taught a a very brutal, and unforgettable lesson. Let's hope this happens sooner than later.

    • ML3

      hear hear! Cannot remember when someplace needed to be slapped down and taught a lesson in the worst possible way…maybe the US before, during and after Iraq slaughter??

  • andy

    Its been four years since the last one. I guess Israel figures its time to cull the Palestinians there again.

  • sam stone

    Stop spending money on Israeli or American goods & services. The money in your pocket is the only wepon you can use.

  • Roger Lafontaine

    The Israelis have gone more than 2 years since their last bloodbath. They must be feeling unclean.

  • Peter

    People may not realize that prior to the Gaza invasion in 2008 there was a ceasefire between the Gaza factions and Israel. The cease fire held up pretty well until Israel entered Gaza on November 4, 2008. In other words Israel used the US Presidential election as a cover to sneak into Gaza.

    That event caused Hames to respond which led to Israel putting a really harsh blockade on Gaza that even denied humantarian aid.That blockade led to Hamas escalating the fight and Israel responding with an invasion. Israel refused to return to ceasefire after Hamas made an offer to return.

    I fear Israel is going to pull off a similar stunt. I hope the Gazan factions don't fall into the same trap

  • baz

    genocide, israeli syle

  • گربه سياه

    making friends everywhere. good people. uh huh.

  • jorgespbr


  • Brian Routh

    someone please drop a bomb on Israel!

    • sam stone

      There is't one large enough to do the job right. Sad but true