Boko Haram Kills 36 Across Northeast Nigeria

Christians Targeted After 'Ultimatum' Expired

The Nigerian militant faction Boko Haram has launched a number of attacks across northeastern Nigeria today, following the expiration of their three day “ultimatum” for all Christians and ethnic tribes from the south to leave northern Nigeria.

The violence centered mostly around attacks on Christians in Mubi and Malduguri, and reports coming out of Nigeria say at least 36 people have been killed across the region, with more violence expected.

In Mubi the attack targeted a town hall meeting of the Christian Igbo people, one of the many groups ordered out. Gunmen with assault rifles burst in firing wildly into the crowd and killing at least 20.

The use of Kalashnikov assault rifles is a far cry from Boko Haram’s origins as a luddite faction that eschewed modern technology in favor of bows and arrows and machetes. After a 2009 massacre of the group’s members by the Nigerian military, they have adopted modern weapons and tactics.

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