Escalating Egypt Violence Fuels Anger at Junta

Images of Savage Beatings Anger Egyptians

One would think that, having capped their second round of free parliamentary elections and Hosni Mubarak nowhere in sight, things would be pretty good in Egypt right now. But the wake of one successful revolution seems also the eve of another, with the military junta’s resistance to the notion of civilian rule growing all the time.

The “interim” junta’s determination to extend the definition of interim well beyond the breaking point has fueled protests; in answer, the military has decided to deploy savage beatings. The new rulers seem certain the same violence that didn’t scare Egyptians off in January will work this time around.

It’s a tried and true formula for tyrants in the Middle East, but the Arab Spring has changed things, with protesters determined to stand up to the attacks. The violence is just sparking more anger at the military, and bringing more protesters into the streets.

Where this leaves Egypt going forward is unclear. The elections seem to be positioning the Islamists for power, which is only going to give Western nations more reason to subsidize the junta. But popular opposition to leaving the military in power seems unlikely to abate, particularly with images and photos of the beatings going public.

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