Israel: Assad Is Doomed

DM Says Syrian President Will Be Gone in Weeks

Several Israeli officials gave interviews today with Syria as the topic, and all agreed that Syrian President Bashar Assad is “doomed” and will be forced from office by the Turkish-backed military defectors in short order.

“It might take many weeks,” said Defense Minister Ehud Barak, “but it’s not a matter of months or years.” Previously officials had been reluctant to predict any outcome of the protest movement in Syria, let alone an imminent regime change.

Assad’s international support has all but evaporated in recent weeks, with the Arab League kicking him out and imposing sanctions on his government. Russia seems likely to reject any UN measures against them that might conceivably involve foreign invasions, but with defector movements growing it seems that a faction like the Free Syrian Army (FSA) might eventually take over.

If indeed the Assad regime is on the way out in such short order, the question must then be what replaces them, as there doesn’t appear to be much linking the military opposition factions to the pro-democracy protesters, and much like the Libyan regime change there is no guarantee that the imposition of a new force is going to lead to significant societal reforms.

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