Gingrich, Huntsman ‘Duel’ in Hawkish Foreign Policy Debate

Gingrich, Huntsman ‘Duel’ in Hawkish Foreign Policy Debate | Newt: 3 nuclear weapons would ‘end Judaism’

Presidential hopefuls Newt Gingrich and Jon Huntsman met today in what was being hyped as a “Lincoln-Douglas Debate” for the 21st century, with both candidates having more time to elaborate on their positions on foreign policy.

The introduction to the debate centered mostly around taking pot-shots at the other debates for not offering sufficient time to elaborate on their differences, which would have been of much more use if the two candidates involved had expressed any major differences from one another. Indeed, the extremely cordial “debate” mostly involved praising one another for really understanding the issues.

Inevitably, the discussion turned to Iran, where both candidates took extremely hawkish positions. Huntsman declared Iran the “transcendent threat” of the next decade, insisting “Afghanistan is not our future, Iraq is not our future,” before going on about the importance of moving against Iran.

Newt, as usual, took the issue and ran with it, accusing Iran of “training their children as suicide bombers” and insisting that they’ve been at war with the US since 1979. Moving into the inevitable discussion of nuclear weapons, Newt said all of Iran’s suicide bombers “proved” how eager they were for nuclear weapons, while saying that just three atomic bombs would mean a complete end to Judaism.

Neither claim, of course, stands up to scrutiny. Suicide bombing has been extremely rare among Shi’ites, to the point where US military academics have marveled at the surprising lack of it as a tactic among even those Shi’ites living under military occupation. Likewise, Iran’s religious leadership has publicly condemned the notion of having, let alone using, a nuclear weapon, and even if they didn’t three nuclear weapons (or three anything) wouldn’t be capable of wiping out “Judaism,” a religion followed by 13 million people across dozens of nation.

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  • joe

    i think they are all SCARED… what if iran gets nukes and DOESNT use them? (which they wont)…. these horses asses do not want to look like liars (which they are)…that is ALL they REALLY care about. i believe THIS is what they are MORE frightened of then ANYTHING! they just want to protect their own asses… and send more kids to their deaths for corporate profits and campaign money for themselves and their friends…..its all BULLSHIT…

  • ghouri

    He will destroy american and the path of decay will be accelerated.
    You must learn from Russia as america has enough enemies around the world.

    • psh

      I for one want the most obnoxious ahole to get elected, so that americas standing in the world will be irreparably damaged, god willing.

  • Bob D

    So much for Huntsman being the "other" Republican peace candidate along with Ron Paul. He's one of those ugly snakes who will merily get us into the war and then immediately bemoan being in the war but say we've expended too much blood and treasure to cut and run. At least Knut is up-front pathologically mean and nasty. With him the neocons and perpetual war advocates (and the few of us who aren't) will know what we are getting.

    • Texas Chris

      Sad to see Huntsman show his true, warmongering colors. You'd think with such close ties to China he's have learned something about Iran, but no… Beat the war drums, hawks, beat 'em loud.

    • anti_republocrat

      Yes. That was my immediate reaction. Rule out Huntsman.

      Given he's taking the established line, one wonders why the political elites aren't jumping on his bandwagon as the non-Romney Romney. Or maybe that's what he's trying to encourage.

  • … accusing Iran of “training their children as suicide bombers”

    As we train ours to be video game bombers.
    (stomping feet childlike) damn-it, there IS a difference.

    • Texas Chris

      Awesome point. +1

  • Wolfgang9

    The USA and Israel are much bigger threats to world peace than Iran.
    Any country in the world is MORE peacefiul than the war criminal USA!!

    • Texas Chris

      MAN I wish you were wrong…

    • psh

      And, that fellow obama got a peace prize!! That would be so laughable, if it didn't make me cry. He should have told himself long back, screw the 2nd term, I will make a difference in this world, with the 4 years I have.

      Sometimes I really hope the nobel committee issues a statement, saying how wrong they were, and he does not deserve it. That would be a real sweet slap-in-the-face to see and hear. Wishful thinking? I know.

  • Sullly

    Isn't this the "super smart" Newt Gingrich making the same generalization error that Senator McCain made about confusing Persians and Arabs? When has Iran ever been known for suicide bombers?

    Newt is a disgrace. It's dishonest to be a draft dodger and hawk and the same time. "Chicken Hawk" fits for Newt. Cheney was probably a bigger one.