At Least 80 Killed in Three Days of Syrian Violence

Clashes Between Defectors Reports Near Daraa, Troops Attack Factory in Aleppo

Anti-regime demonstrators organized a nationwide strike in Syria today, an effort to protest rising violence nationwide which closed down most of Homs as well as major portions of other cities nationwide.

The violence continued however, with regime forces battling defectors in the far southern city of Daraa and reports of clashes around the Idlib Province. At least 23 were killed today, bringing the three day toll to 80.

Reports say that the strikers closed a major factory in the key northern city of Aleppo, and that troops attacked and destroyed the factory in retaliation. The troops also reportedly looted several closed businesses in Homs.

Violence was also reported at the Syrian embassy in Amman, Jordan, were Syrian nationals living in exile in the country attacked the embassy , wounding six people.

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