Assad Demands ‘Conditions’ on Monitors as 34 More Slain

Pro-Regime Militia Dumps Bodies in Central Homs

At least 34 more people were killed today, and potentially many more, as a large number of bodies of protesters were dumped in central Homs by a militia loyal to the Assad regime, and activists reporting as many as 60 bodies discovered citywide.

The violence comes just a day after the regime missed yet another deadline set by the Arab League to agree on a deal to admit international monitors and implement a ceasefire against civilian protesters.Syrian officials say they “would like to” agree on the deal.

But not as-is. Syria initially agreed to the Arab League offer on November 1 but never implemented it and are now demanding a number of “conditions” be agreed to by the Arab League before the deal gets another lease on life.

Diplomats said a number of the “conditions,” which have yet to be made public, are entirely new, and some expressed a belief that they were thrown in simply to stall for time and discourage the Arab League from imposing new sanctions on Syria.

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