At Least 51 Killed in Syria Violence

23 Troops, 15 Deserters Killed in Clashes Around Homs

The Arab League deadline is just hours from passing, but the violence in Syria shows no signs of slowing down, as at least 51 people were killed nationwide on Thursday, including 13 civilian protesters.

Beyond the usual protest crackdowns, however, most of the violence came in clashes between members of the Syrian military and defectors, with at least 23 soldiers and 15 deserters slain in fighting around Homs.

Syria’s defectors have been launching a growing number of attacks against the regime, seemingly more bold as the international community becomes more united against Assad. The Turkish government has been hosting a major Syrian defector force, the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

Syria’s government has condemned the Arab League for demanding that they admit human rights monitors, saying they are a “tool for foreign interference” and “serves the US agenda” against the regime.

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