Libya PM Vows New Cabinet on Tuesday

Offers No Details on Composition of Cabinet

Following months of disputes among the various factions within the National Transitional Council, Libyan NTC Prime Minister Abdurrahim ElKeib says he will unveil a new cabinet on Tuesday.

Then-Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril initially ousted the cabinet in early August after the assassination of General Abdul Fattah Younes, amid reports that members of the cabinet may have been involved in the killing.

And while Jibril tried to announce cabinets several times, they invariably fell apart at the last minute when the composition could not be agreed upon by the various internal factions angling for power.

And ElKeib gave no indication of what the new cabinet will look like, so until it is officially announced it is always possible that the deal won’t be agreed upon. If it is, it remains to be seen if it will quiet the internal unrest within the NTC or only add more fuel to the fire.

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