NATO Forces Shoot and Kill Two Afghan Policemen

In a supposed "misunderstanding," Afghan police who stopped a convoy of NATO soldiers were killed, three others wounded

NATO-led forces shot and killed two Afghan policemen and wounded three others at a checkpoint in southeast Afghanistan.

When Afghan police, funded and trained by NATO forces to fight a ten-year long insurgency in Afghanistan, asked a convoy of NATO soldiers approaching a checkpoint to stop, they were shot and killed in a firefight. the Afghan police were in uniform and were manning an official checkpoint.

The NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) said it was a “misunderstanding,” and is launching an investigation.

“Last night, a convoy of foreign forces from Kabul were heading towards Ghazni when they were stopped by Afghan police. They opened fire on the police checkpoint, killing two police and wounding three,” Mr Zahid said. Some are claiming that there was uncertainty among the NATO forces as to whether it was an official checkpoint or not.

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