At Least 75 Killed in Violence Across Syria

Jordanian King Urges Assad to Resign as Violence Escalates on Border

The violence across Syria is continuing to soar to new heights today, with an ugly clash along the Jordanian border leaving at least 40 dead and the continued violence against protesters elsewhere in the nation bringing the overall toll for Monday to at least 75 slain.

The violence brings Syria’s two-day toll to nearly 100, and the overall death toll in the two weeks since they announced a deal with the Arab League to over 400. The Arab League initially gave Syria 15 days to implement the deal but suspended their membership over the weekend when it became clear that no reforms were actually taking place.

Arab League officials have continued to express concern about the situation in the wake of the suspension and have given Syria a deadline of Wednesday to implement some non-specified subset of the reforms, threatening further moves if they refuse. Jordan’s King Abdullah has urged Syrian President Assad to step down.

Syrian officials, for their part, continue to feign befuddlement at the Arab League’s anger, and announced today that they will be boycotting the Arab Games in Qatar to protest their suspension. Syrian officials insist that the Arab League suspension is a US plot.

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