22 More Slain as Syria Continues Crackdown

Officials Riled by Arab League Suspension, But Not Enough to Actually Change Policies

Syrian officials today expressed outrage at their suspension from the Arab League, with major pro-regime protests in the capital marching on and in some cases attacking embassies of member nations seen responsible for the ouster.

But while yesterday’s suspension was enough to get the Assad regime’s attention, it once again appears to have fallen well short of convincing them to change the policies that led to the suspension, and the violent crackdown on dissent continued apace again today. At least 22 people were reported killed in crackdowns, including 12 in Hama.

Instead the government seems to be hoping to convince the Arab League to reconsider, calling for a summit of member foreign ministers to discuss the possible ramifications for the Arab community at large of the suspension.

At the same time, the Arab League has given Syria until Wednesday to comply with some vaguely defined requirements, threatening additional political sanctions if they refuse to. There are no indications that Syria is looking to change its policy, however.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.