Officials: Over 150 Killed in Boko Haram Attacks in Nigeria

US Warns Violence Could Spread to Capital

The death toll of the violence in the city of Damaturu in northeastern Nigeria has continued to rise throughout the day, with local officials saying that over 150 bodies have been counted and that more may still be coming.

The attacks centered around Damaturu but spanned the rest of the Yobe and Borno Provinces as well. The Boko Haram faction has reportedly claimed credit for the attacks, and President Jonathan cancelled a planned vacation to deal with the situation.

Boko Haram got its start as a luddite faction, rejecting all technology developed since the time of Mohamed and angrily condemning the notion that the earth is round. The group began arming itself with bows and arrows before being massacred by the Nigerian military. Since then, the group has adopted more modern terror tactics, launching a number of major bombings.

The US has also committed itself to fighting the faction, and officials have reportedly warned Nigeria that the faction might target the Nigerian capital soon, with strikes likely to target luxury hotels popular with foreigners.

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