US Military Official Terms Iran ‘Top Threat to US’

Says Iran Doesn't Want to Provoke a Conflict

In comments today, an unnamed US military official termed Iran the “biggest threat to the United States and to our interests,” comments that add all the more speculation about a potential US or Israeli attack on the nation.

At the same time, the official conceded that Iran doesn’t want to provoke a conflict and that the US “don’t know” if Iran has decided to make a nuclear weapon, despite repeated allegations that they not only have decided to do so, but are nearing completion.

Of course, officials have been making those claims for years, even decades, and despite Iran always being a couple of years away from a weapon they never seem to actually complete one. To that end, the threats against Iran likewise are nothing new, and the US has been threatening to attack Iran virtually non-stop since the Iranian Revolution.

Whether or not this is the one time in the past 32 years those threats should be taken seriously, it seems certain that the threats will increase tensions across the Gulf region, and will be used by US politicians and military leaders to lobby for spending programs to aid in the war which is always about to break out.

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