Israeli Officials Fear Libya Weapons Winding Up in Gaza

Anti-Aircraft Missiles Could Pose 'Significant Threat' to Israeli Warplanes

Whenever anything happens from Morocco to Pakistan, you can be certain someone’s going to try to tie it back to Israel. In this case, however, it seems like the concern may be valid that the Libyan War is going to make Israel’s constant bombardment of the Gaza Strip far more dangerous.

The ouster of Moammar Gadhafi led to wholesale looting of weapons depots in western Libya, and much of this military hardware has wound up on the arms black market. Unsurprisingly, Hamas and other factions within Gaza are among those keen to acquire what they can.

Which isn’t surprising, and it was reported earlier this month that Libyan weapons were showing up in the Sinai Peninsula, presumably en route to Gaza. Anti-aircraft missiles were said to be top on the list.

Now, Israeli officials say, Hamas is also keen to acquire anti-tank weapons. This makes sense too, as when Israel launches one of its random invasions it usually does send tanks. The surface to air missiles are a bigger concern for Israeli military officials, however, as this is likely to make the constant aerial bombardment of the strip potentially dangerous.

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