10 Killed, Scores Wounded in Afghan Fuel Truck Bombing

NATO Fuel Tanker Was Attacked While Trying to Enter Bagram

A NATO fuel tanker attempting to deliver its cargo into Bagram Air Base was attacked by a pair of bombs today just outside of the base, causing a massive explosion that killed 10 people and wounded scores of others.

The first bomb, identified as a magnetic bomb, knocked a hole into the side of the tanker, causing a major leak. A number of civilians flocked to he area in an attempt to collect the fuel in buckets when a second, larger explosion hit, destroying the tanker and causing the casualties.

Hospitals in the Bagram District reported at least 45 wounded people, as well as the deaths. So far no insurgent group has claimed responsibility for the blast, according to provincial security officials.

Some of the reports disputed whether the second blast was actually caused by an explosive or if it was the result of police ordering the tanker driver to try to start the vehicle, as survivors reported the blast happened as soon as he tried to start it.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.