Lebanese Border Town Fears Syrian Military Invasion

Mayor Confirms Border Violations by Troops

Ali Hojeiri, the mayor of the small Lebanese border town of Aarsal, confirmed today that Syrian military patrols have crossed the border on multiple occasions, saying the border was well marked at the site of the crossings and they couldn’t have been accidental.

Residents are increasingly concerned that the moves across the border are a prelude to a full scale invasion of the town, which the Syrian military is concerned is the source of weapons smuggling to the opposition.

Border raids have happened several times, with tanks firing on Lebanese farmhouses and damaging buildings. The mayor said he believed it was the son of a local Hezbollah leader who was selling weapons to Syrians.

Lebanon’s current government is said to be on relatively good terms with the Assad regime, and was opposed to an Arab League effort to suspend their membership earlier today. Mayor Hojeiri complained that the government has not offered any help in defending the town from potential attack.

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.