US Continues to Angrily Condemn Iran Over ‘Plot’

State Department Insists Iran 'Untruthful' In Denying Their Involvement

It has been a long week for US-Iranian relations. On Tuesday, the US claimed to have uncovered an Iranian plot to a Saudi Ambassador in Washington DC and have been harping on about non-specific “punishment” they will impose on Iran ever since.

The US “outrage” about the plot and promises of revenge come despite a complete lack of evidence, and with the suspected “mastermind” behind the plot described by neighbors and friends as a bumbling fool who was lucky enough not to lose his keys when he left the house.

But many analysts see the whole plot as just ridiculous, and Iran has described it as totally fake. The denial also led to an angry US condemnation, insisting Iran was being “untruthful” in saying so.

The point of the whole plot is unclear, as it seemed only to give the US a new thing to gripe about, and the real question is if it will lead to a war. Some are saying no, but the Obama Administration is simply saying what it always days, which is that “all options are on the table.”

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