Pakistan Fumes as Karzai Improves Ties With India

Karzai Signs 'Strategic Partnership' With India

In a move that is adding further fuel to the tensions with neighboring Pakistan, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has signed a “strategic partnership” with India, vowing that the nation would remain a “great friend” to Afghanistan.

For Pakistan, much of their concern about the Karzai government has centered around their cushy relationship with India, a long-time rival, and cementing that deal will give Pakistan’s government even more reason to fear.

Traditionally, Pakistan has treated southern Afghanistan as a fallback position in the event of a war against India, and has treated India’s overtures toward the Karzai government as an act of aggression against them.

Pakistan’s media has often speculated about Indian troops being deployed into Afghanistan with designs on opening another tense front with Pakistan. This has added to President Karzai’s determination to condemn Pakistan and court India every time there is a falling out.

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