Clinton Vows US Action Against Boko Haram

Clinton Vows US Action Against Boko Haram | Nigerian militant faction ‘unreconcilable,’ insists US

One would figure that between the constant bombardment of Libya, the growing influence of al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), the drone strikes against Somalia and the tens of thousands of missing missiles, the US would have their plate full in northern Africa. Officials are always willing to add more, however.

So over the weekend, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was talking with her Nigerian counterpart Olugbenga Ashiru, and promised that the US would help in any way necessary with the Nigerian government constant attempts to wipe out Boko Haram, a militant faction.

Boko Haram, one may remember, got its start as a violently anti-technology movement which was loudly denouncing the “heretical” view that the world is round. In 2009, armed with bows and arrows and a lot of long sticks, they were massacred by the Nigerian military and fell into irrelevance for around a year.

Then, in typical blowback fashion, the group decided to abandon its dislike of things like guns and car bombs and became a real terrorist group, launching major attacks. Clinton has now termed them “unreconcilable,” which isn’t actually a word, and is committing the US to yet another conflict.

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  • Avi

    Meanwhile, Brazil's, India's, China's and Turkey's economies are flourishing. Go team USA.

  • JLS

    "Clinton has now termed them “unreconcilable,” which isn’t actually a word, and is committing the US to yet another conflict."

    Correct vocabulary and grammer is for non-Americans. When Americans use a word it's always correct. Don't question it.

  • RickR30

    These idiots are going to keep promising US military support to anyone long after the US becomes a third world country with a minority of folks having any work and the economy is a pile of rubble.

    • JLS

      The people back home paying the bills don't matter. Only the empire matters.

  • Andron

    A pity we cannot send Clinton to the frontline

  • #occupy

    Who the heck is Boko Harum? Are they just making this stuff up now?

    And how does spending millions to do this help a single American citizen?

  • Robert

    An Alternative way to fight wars.

    The ten highest leaders of each nation goes to an island somewhere. There, they all lock on suicide bombs and try to kill each other. The side with the most leaders who survive wins, but each side must set off all its bombs before a winner can be declared.

    If there is no winner, a new government for each side can decide if they want to continue the war.

  • Bianca

    Anyone who is not "reconciled" to — whatever it is — must be vanquished. When leaders of whatever countries are "reconciled", then their enemies are "ireconcileable". Like in Yemen, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Jordan, etc. And vice versa, when the leaders are "ireconcileable", then they must be vanquished by their enemies. Plenty of those examples. More and more entangling alliances.

  • VietNamWarVet1966

    Hillary Clinton is a complete idiot and moron.

  • Ira Epstein.

    Boko Haram?! A gang of luddites in Nigeria start blowing up things, and this is suppose to be a threat to the lives and liberties of the American people? How long before killer robots are used to murder the people of Nigeria with Boko Haram as the pretext? The misery index in Nigeria is about to multiply exponentially.

  • andy

    Boko Haram??? Sounds like a name a pro wrestler might use. Talk about going abroad in search of monsters to destroy.

  • masmanz

    Let Nigerians handle them. No need to use it as a pretext to intervene.

    • JLS

      Everything is a pretext to intervene as Bill O'Reilly cheers loudly in the backgournd.