US Drone Strike Kills Four in South Waziristan

Drone Attacked Vehicle in Tribal Area

Nowhere near as high profile as today’s drone strike in Yemen, but US drones were also active in Pakistan today, with a strike in the South Waziristan Agency killing at least four people.

According to officials, the drone attacked a vehicle in the Nargase District of the agency, killing all four passengers. Five others were wounded in the strike. None of their identities are known.

Villagers said that the bodies of the slain were disfigured beyond recognition, but said they believed they were involved in Maulvi Nazir’s faction, one of the many Pakistani Taliban factions, and the one with the best relations with the Pakistani government.

This could cause further problems between the US and Pakistan, whose relationship is already nearing a breaking point over US allegations that Pakistan orchestrated an attack on the US Embassy in Kabul.

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