As Violence Soars, NATO Reiterates Afghanistan ‘Improving’

Insists Their Data Is 'Different' From UN's

Fresh off a new study released by the United Nations showing violence was up 39 percent year over year, the NATO occupation forces once again issued a statement of their own claiming that the war is going just fine and the situation is “improving.”

NATO insisted their own data, which they said was “different” from the United Nations, showed a slight decline in “security incidents,” which covered only certain types of insurgent attacks.

NATO spokesman Carsten Jacobsen said there was no contradiction between the UN data and their claims of progress, saying they have different “definitions.” Notably NATO’s study of violence did not include anything instigated by NATO, which needless to say is significant.

The alliance has been claiming progress all through 2011, despite rising civilian death tolls. The United Nations study seems only to confirm what anyone paying attention already knew, that the war is going extremely poorly.

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Author: Jason Ditz

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