Detroit Airplane Detainees ‘Did Nothing Wrong,’ FBI Admits

Suspiciously Airsick Indian's Detention 'a Precautionary Measure'

The three people hauled off of a Detroit airplane by FBI counter-terrorism forces did “nothing wrong,” the FBI has admitted, adding that the flight crew had expressed “concern” because one of the three, an Indian, went to the bathroom because he was airsick.

The decision to board the plane and capture the airsick man, along with another Indian on the plane whom he didn’t know, and also along with a half-Arabic, half-Jewish woman who was sitting next to him, were “a precautionary measure.”

Shoshana Hebshi, the woman in question, is particularly irked about the fact that she and the other brown-looking people on the plane were hauled off in handcuffs and strip-searched, which she’s pretty sure was racial profiling.

Experts quoted in the mainstream articles about her captivity agree that it probably was racial profiling, but as one of the FBI agents involved declared “the public would rather us err on the side of caution.” And by caution of course he means strip-searches without probable cause.

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