Biden Demands ‘Unreliable Ally’ Pakistan Do More for War

'They Have to Get Better,' Insists VP

Speaking in an interview with CNN, Vice President Joe Biden today condemned Pakistan as an “unreliable ally” and insisted the Zardari government was having trouble choosing “between the US and al-Qaeda,” leading to the deaths of US occupation forces in Afghanistan.

Biden did note that Pakistan had been “very helpful in other times,” like when the invaded South Waziristan, but added “its not sufficient. They have to get better,” and that the US is “demanding” Pakistan do more.

Ever an enthusiastic support of the wars, Biden also declared that the US is “getting close” to a total victory over “organized terrorist activities” and that Americans are “safer today than they were a decade ago.”

Pakistan’s government is under growing pressure domestically to distance itself from the US, with repeated US drone strikes in its tribal areas doing serious damage to its credibility and killing large numbers of innocent civilians.

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