UN Warns Rebels Amid Signs of Tripoli Executions

UN Warns Rebels Amid Signs of Tripoli Executions | Rebels mass arresting blacks as assumed “mercenaries”

A grisly scene was discovered in Tripoli today, when reporters came across a former Gadhafi camp in central Tripoli where pro-regime fighters were found massacred, including a number that were bound before their execution.

In a discovery the UN termed “alarming,” a number of the victims were also found in the field hospital, having been executed there while receiving treatment for wounds. Reports have the death toll in this single incident at over 30.

UN spokesman Rupert Colville promised an investigation into the killings, and urged rebel leaders to “take active steps to ensure that no crimes, or acts of revenge, are committed.” One rebel ambassador insisted the leadership had already ordered fighters “not to kill anybody” and that it couldn’t possibly have been the rebels who massacred the Gadhafi troops.

Yet the growing concern about the behavior of the rebels hardly begins or ends with this single incident. Amnesty International is also reporting that the rebel faction has been conducting mass arrests of black people across the nation, terming all of them “foreign mercenaries” but with growing evidence that a large number were simply migrant workers.

In rebel custody, the migrant workers are subjected to routine beatings and, according to testimony from one of them, they are told by rebel guards that they will be “eliminated or else sentenced to death.”

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Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.

  • pendulum

    not a good place for obama

  • alzurzin

    In war, everything and anything will occur, and war means killing and destruction. Innocents will be killed, whether by bombs, crossfire, executions. Humans are by nature savages. The answer is to have a quick end to the hostilities, and an even quicker acceptance of the commitment needed for peace. Peace is not the absence of war, it is a collective will to rise above barbarism.

  • skulz fontaine

    Well what d'ya know, Libya's "freedom fighters" are cut-throat butchers. Just like the old cut-throat butchers they're trying to replace. Quite like the US/NATO cut-throat butchers bombing Tripoli as I write this.
    Quick Mr. Jason and give Juan Cole a 'breaking news' heads up. You know, before the Juanito's got a minute to stick his head back in the sand. Or, you know, otherwise.

  • Hortator

    How disgusting it this that shows itself? These rebels are merely foot soldiers for the greater empires of our time.

    • pendulum

      they are not soldiers of any kind

  • Edward

    Well since NATO started the fire let's see them now try and put it out.

  • Bob Bogus

    Sounds par for the course for an Amerikan ally.

    Remeber the Uzbekistan dude who boiled his opponents in oil? And your tax dollars paid for it.

    Obammie is just following through on Bushies proclamation that freedumb is on the march.

  • RickR30

    Say it ain't so! Libyan democratic gangs of criminals are butchering people? The army of the National Transitional Council acting in undesirable ways, how can that be? Weren't we told that these were saints protecting the people from the impending massacre by Ghaddafi against his own people!!! Now it turns out that NATO and the rebels have killed more innocents than Ghaddafi (is anyone keeping count on the victims?) ?

    • MoT

      Bingo! The "we don't do body counts if they're the enemy" crowd always seem to be johnny on the spot when people are getting killed by "those bad guys". Us? They were insurgents and needed killin!

  • TheDailySketch

    And where is that rat Moreno Ocampo? Has he made any kind of statement to say he will be investigating? Of course not, he and his organisdation the ICC are NATO puppets.

  • augustus818

    The UN is a wholly owned subsidiary of the US. Always has been. Appeals to the UN will do nothing. And anything that comes from the UN is immediately suspect.

  • Joseph Zrnchik

    According to the Geneva Convention NATO is responsible for war crimes, waging aggressive war and committing crimes against humanity to include all the atttendant evils that are the the result of and follow this war crime.

  • NavyVietnamWarVet

    NATO and the US bombed Libya to protect civilians – right? – to protect them from whom?
    So that the 'rebels' could murder civilians?
    YES – NATO and the US are guilty of WAR CRIMES – of waging war agianst a country that neither threatened nor attacked the US or NATO countries.
    German Nazis were hanged after WWII "for waging aggressive warfare".
    NO one in NATO nor the US will be hanged for committing war crimes.

  • Jaime

    The UN is "alarmed". How hypocritical. It's become the rubber stamping for the murderous and stupid projects NATO has in store.

  • dublinokarra

    As long as the returns are promising in this mad oil rush,(NATO&U.S) just dont care about the casualties that isn't theirs. This war like others, will produce puppets in Libya who will care less about it's citizens, and the patriots who fought for it's liberation will once again pick up where they left for a long & protracted civil war. Fate did cast a cruel sign at Libya's feet the moment western leaders became 'concerned' towards it's population.

  • AlphaOmega100

    Tripoli came under the command of Serbian Mercenaries with the Blessing of Gaddafi, since he was a great admirerer Of Yugoslava defense strategies! DONT discount a staged withdrawl from Tripoli, in order to concetrate rebel forces in one place and prolong the conflict in the interest of the mercinaries and Col. Gaddafi, after all he did make his mark in the libyan military and Intell! Corruption makes even the smart, FOOLS! Nato your a sorry ass excuse for a military, your freakin
    cooked! And you know it, Just as Hitler lost So will you!

  • Stanley Laham

    I want to point out something that has really bothered me with you Mr. Ditz. Whenever anyone you perceive as a dictator is being prepped by the corporate press for a radical homosectomy by the empire to rape and pillage the natural wealth or other strategic asset he happens to be sitting on, you join in the chorus (as you are currently doing with Syria).
    Then after the predictable results, you bitch.

  • John_Muhammad

    AND NO ONE THOUGHT THIS WOULD HAPPEN? Please, White House and State Department, don't insult our intelligence and say this is a complete surprise to the NATO (read: US) leaders. I wrote some time ago I would be on the side that would restore order and peace to Libya- with no reprisals- and right now it's looking like Gadhafi was The Good Guy in comparison to these 'Rebels'. If the situation were reversed, I'm pretty sure he'd be minding his p's and q's to get back in the good graces of the West. By no means is Gadhafi an angel- don't get me wrong- but we at least knew what we were dealing with and knew how to pull his strings. With this new bunch, we haven't a clue if there even ARE strings to pull, much less who might be on the other end pulling back.

    I gotta hand it to the State Department and Obama- they're mighty quick to sign off on a bill of goods. Maybe in the future they might want to actually think about what they're signing for- this Libyan Adventure may prove to be a gift they really, really are not going to want.

  • Andor

    Ever since Russian and Ukrainian specialists (doctors, nurses etc) left Libya, there were persisting reports that rebels were killing migrant workers from Africa. That's why there were capsized boats of the black people running away from Libya!)
    Now, ask yourself, why there were many thousand of migrants? The answer is simple: overall prosperity of Libya. The Libyans were getting free education, and didn't want to work the menial jobs. Every young family was getting a free flat. A child is born – more state help. The media is lying to the public – even in the USA millions are without medical insurance. Not so were in Libya. But the other Arab countries didn't like "Socialistic system" of Kaddafi – that's why NATO was bombing not Saudi Arabia but Libya ((.