Pentagon: China’s Technological Advancement Could Be ‘Destabilizing’

Report to Congress Warns China May Become 'Economic and Military Power' by 2050

In their new annual report on China, the Pentagon has revealed that they are afraid that the Chinese military is “steadily closing the technological gap with modern armed forces” and that if they catch up it would be “destabilizing” to the region.

The report likewise warns that the Chinese government is aiming to improve its economy as well as its military with a goal of becoming “a world-class economic and military power by 2050.”

One would assume that China, simultaneously the second biggest economy on the planet and spending the second most of its military annually, is already a “world-class” power in both of those senses, but the report will likely fuel further hand-wringing in the US Congress about the “threat” posed by a major trading partner and America’s leading creditor.

Rep, Buck McKeon (R – CA) the chair of the House Armed Services Committee, was already on the subject, warning of Beijing’s “increasing assertiveness” and terming the nation a “growing concern not only to the United States but to China’s neighbors.”

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