NATO Worries: Where Are Gadhafi’s WMDs?

British FM Warns Regime Might Start Launching Them

With NATO officials continuing to remind us that Libya isn’t going to wind up like Iraq, the latest speculation flying around about the nation is familiar, with officials wondering where the nation’s WMD stockpiles ended up.

Some officials are reportedly “anxious” about where the nation’s presumptive chemical weapons arsenal ended up, while others are speculating about the nuclear material, and where it might be.

The idle speculation doesn’t stop there, either, with British Foreign Secretary William Hague warning that its entirely conceivable that someone in the regime who might have access to the putative chemical weapons is liable to try to launch them at someone for some unknown reason.

Officials expressed further concern that al-Qaeda might get ahold of the chemical weapons. The US says the stockpiles “appear” to be under regime control, but that no one can be sure exactly what is happening with them.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of