EU Angered as Iran Allows Access to IAEA Inspectors

Top Inspector Allowed to Tour all Facilities

As Russian negotiators continue with the efforts to restart the P5+1 talks, Iran’s envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed that Iran allowed an IAEA team, including the top inspector, full access to their nuclear sites.

The tour over the past five days included trips to the Bushehr power plant, the enrichment sites at Isfahan, Natanz, and Fordo, and the research facility at Arak.

European officials were quick to condemn the access, saying “one-off openness isn’t enough” and that it probably didn’t indicate an actual change in policy by the Iranian government.

Indeed it may not, as Iran has been pretty straightforward at allowing the IAEA access to its nuclear sites, allowing the agency to repeatedly verify the non-diversion of nuclear material to any but civilian purposes.

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