Airstrikes Stop as Israel, Hamas Agree on Truce

Israeli Cabinet Votes Against Escalation

After several days of increased escalation, the rocket strikes out of the Gaza Strip and the Israeli air strikes against the strip have ground to a virtual halt, as both Hamas and Israel agree to a new ceasefire along the border.

Hamas had been pushing a ceasefire on their side, which seems to be opposed by some militant factions in the strip, while the Israeli cabinet finally voted last night to join in, though again Prime Minister Netanyahu appears to have had considerable opposition from the most hawkish elements of his coalition.

The move comes just a day after Vice Premier Silvan Shalom insisting Israel wouldn’t rule out a full scale ground invasion. There is speculation that the move reflects a lack of international acquiescence for such an attack.

And so far the truce appears to be holding, though a couple of rockets did fly out of the strip, presumably fired by one of Hamas’ rivals which are constantly condemning them for not firing rockets of their own.

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