UN Security Council Condemns Syria Crackdown

Statement Watered-Down to Avoid Being Used as Pretext for War

In a vote earlier this afternoon the United Nations Security Council has condemned the Syrian crackdowns against pro-democracy protesters, expressing “grave concerns at the deteriorating situation in Syria” and criticizing the “widespread violation of human rights.

The vote came after weeks of debate at the UN, but was given renewed impetus after the Hama massacre on Sunday. The resolution was significantly watered down from the original European proposal, which Russia was concerned would be used as an excuse for a NATO attack on Syria.

The official statement calls on the Assad government to cooperate with the Human Rights Commission and to allow humanitarian aid into the country. It also calls for the Syrian government to hold “accountable” those responsible for the violence.

The Syrian government has largely ignored the massacre on its own state media site, insisting that the reports are “rumors” spread by “armed terrorist groups” and reporting only on the handful of security forces killed in the city.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of Antiwar.com.