Gadhafi Rules Out Leaving Libya as NATO Strikes Continue

NATO Bombs 'Depot' in Eastern Tripoli

NATO warplanes attacked and destroyed what is being called a “military depot” in eastern Tripoli today, the latest in what have been months of strikes by the alliance against targets across the western half of the nation.

The bombings come in the wake of the Obama Administration announcing that the US is now recognizing the Eastern Libyan rebel council as the legitimate government of the entire nation, and continued NATO demands for Gadhafi to agree to leave.

But Gadhafi reiterated today that he has no interest in leaving office, insisting that he will “never leave the land of my ancestors” and will remain no matter what international factions demand.

But not leaving doesn’t necessarily mean not leaving power. Libyan officials were insisting last week that Gadhafi was quite willing to step down, provided he got certain pledges not to be prosecuted. His disposition toward exile may well change in the future, but the comments are mostly bargaining chips in what seems to be a very active set of behind the scenes talks.

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of