British Drone Kills Four Afghan Civilians in Helmand

Attack Is First Confirmed UK Drone Killing of Civilians

A British Reaper drone has killed at least four civilians and wounded two others in an attack in the Afghanistan’s Helmand Province, the first time British drones are confirmed to have killed civilians in the nation.

The attack reportedly targeted “insurgent leaders” in the restive province, and British military officials insist that the killings are a result of “intelligence failures” and not any problem with the drone fleet, which they hope to dramatically increase the size of.

Incredibly, the attack came three months ago, in late March, and targeted a pair of pick up trucks. It is only now that the killings have become public knowledge and Britain expressed “deep regret” over the deaths.

British Prime Minister David Cameron has been pushing for an acceleration of the pullout from Afghanistan, and the government insists they are on track for leaving by 2014. This is in contrast to US officials, who openly predict they will remain for years after the 2014 “deadline.”

Author: Jason Ditz

Jason Ditz is news editor of