House Bars Obama From Sending Ground Troops to Libya

House Bars Obama From Sending Ground Troops to Libya | Rebukes on Libya War included in massive defense spending bill

On Wednesday, the House agreed to an amendment to the $690 billion defense spending bill that reiterated that Congress has not authorized the war in Libya. Today, they went a step further in barring US ground troops, including contractors, from being sent to Libya.

Today’s vote passed in an overwhelming manner, 416-5. The only 5 representatives who opposed the ban were Reps. Shelley Berkley (D – NV), Steve King (R – IA), Gwen Moore (D – WI), Jim Moran (D – VA), and Dana Rohrabacher (R – CA).

The Obama Administration launched the Libya War on March 19, and informed Congress on March 21 (the following Monday). The war officially became illegal under US law on Friday, May 20, when President Obama failed to secure Congressional authorizations within 60 days. Despite this, the administration does not appear to have any intention of ending the war.

Which leaves open the question of how much impact the new amendment will have. Surely if the president has no qualms about thumbing his nose at the war’s illegality, he will be just as will to shrug off a formal ban on ground troops when he decides it suits his purposes.

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  • If people think Obama's Afghan War is bad, wait until they find out the truth about his Libyan War.

  • JLS

    Wow how brave of the congress! I mean after the White House already said they didn't want to put ground troops in Libya the congress stood up and agreed. They should all get medals!

  • Advocate4Liberty

    Time to start impeachment proceedings. They can run concurrently with trials for war crimes against both Obama and Bush.

  • John_Muhammad

    I wonder when Congress will get around to voting to end our splendid little adventure in Libya?

    Here's the plan, and you KNOW it will work: tell the assembled Congress to review the President's request for funds for the Libya operation. Then tell Congress if they vote it down and vote to pull all of our forces out of the region and not participate in the Libyan theater, they can keep that amount and split it evenly among themselves. I guarantee you we'd have our planes grounded and our ships steaming for home by dawn.